Article 2 - Inside the mind of a NFT collector
Article 2 - Inside the mind of a NFT collector

Article 2 - Inside the mind of a NFT collector

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September 24th, 2021

Hi all,

This is the second Article (find the previous one here) where I share one of my public wallets to provide insights on how I approach buying NFT artwork. For those who are hearing about this project for the first time, the purpose of sharing these pieces is to feature NFT creators that I think are on the edge of success and help other creators who may find themselves in a similar position.

It’s been a while since my last article as it's been a hectic month, but I hope to be writing a larger volume of short-form articles in the near future to better fit my availability while continuing to provide value. In this article, I'll be focusing on how an NFT creator can effortlessly build a personal brand by simply sharing their personality and interests with their audience.



I first won "The Art Critic" in an auction from Laney Berry Rojas (cryptoPOM) on 3/30/2021 for 0.75 ETH. The description of the piece: "This one goes out to all of the artists out there who are finally discovering that the critics don't (if you'll pardon my language) know -shit-." When I first saw this piece, I immediately knew that it was created by cryptopom. The NFTs she creates feature stunning colors-- they also frequently make use of interesting textures that give it a mixed media feel. Her unique style is evident, recognizable, and distinct.

As Laney would describe in her own words, "my style is heavily influenced by graphic novel design and pop art, always revolving around portraiture-- I love creating narratives based around a character, and trying to explore either social and political themes using people as my focus." As we can see, her artistic style is displayed brilliantly in this particular piece. Inside the mind of a NFT collector

Who is cryptopom and why do people love her?

I would describe cryptopom (or simply “Pom” as many refer to her) as someone who has found success within the NFT community on many levels. She’s sold several pieces, continually pursued collaboration opportunities, participated in exciting community events, etc. Aside from her art, I think one of the most outstanding qualities of Pom is her ability to showcase her personality through her communication style. This strength has allowed her to build a unique personal brand that has allowed her to organically build a large following on social media, which is a powerful asset to her in any projects that she pursues. It's also enhanced her artwork, as her personal brand adds layers of context and story behind her creations. Importantly for NFT creators, this can be a very effective strategy for building a loyal following from collectors. Cryptopom NFT

For as long as I can remember, part of pom’s Twitter bio has been “My dog is my life, but don't touch the Doritos in his pantry.” This explains the "POM" in "cryptopom." Her adorable pomeranian, Okosan, frequently stars in her Twitter posts through corresponding photos as she shares her thoughts on certain matters or describes events occurring in her life.

Pom is extremely open in how she shares how the NFT community impacts her day-to-day. For instance, she Tweeted about how she used the earnings from one of her sales to fund purchases of her favorite fancy cheeses. By revealing how the sale actively shaped her life, she created a deeper connection with her collector. Other readers are able to become invested into her journey as they see the excitement in her celebration.


Part of personal branding is to share one's views and opinions on topics that they feel strongly about. For example: aware of frequent self-care neglect within the art community, Laney promotes self-care a part of her brand. She’s become an extremely supportive figure in the community, prompting some to call her “cryptoMOM.”


Speaking of “mom,” her mother (who is also an artist) has also made a recent foray into the NFT space. Pom's excitement as she shares their journey together as they dive deeper into the NFT space has been contagious. In general, cryptoPOM uses her social media in a positive and uplifting manner while showcasing her personality effectively.

Even outside of social media, her actions speak for herself as one can easily observe that she’s deeply rooted in the NFT community. Pom continually looks for opportunities to take part in great events and engage with other creators. For instance, she invited me to a “collector’s conference” that she was hosting, which was a roundtable of collectors to give advice to artists (part of which was posted to Youtube.)

Conclusion Cryptopom embodies multiple positive traits that many creators and artists can look to emulate to find more success within the NFT community. She has a strong foundation for both developing her art and her social media platforms, and can simply look to refine and grow in both these areas over time.

Visually, I think her greatest strengths are in her usage of colors and textures. I am looking forward to seeing her continue to refine her current skills and explore new techniques. In particular, I will be observing how she will develop the quality of her line art (many great artists evolve in this aspect during their careers) and how she will create stunning scenes by effectively using lighting to create depth and space. In terms of branding and outreach, if she stays on her current path she will continue to uncover amazing opportunities. Laney’s artwork and the projects that she pursues lays the foundation of her success, but the way she presents herself in her personal branding is what sets her apart and has allowed herself to be noticed within the community.

To close and pose some questions to the reader: What is your story? How are you engaging in the community? How does your social media display your personality and interests? How are you connecting and forming relationships with those around you? What ideas can you take from cryptopom to apply to your own NFT journey?

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